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Release Agreement


I allow Gushcloud Talent Agency, Inc. to take or capture my photos and videos during the event.


I understand that all photos and videos that will be taken in the event are copyrighted by Gushcloud Talent Agency, Inc.


I understand that I will not receive any monetary compensation.


I authorize Gushcloud Talent Agency, Inc. to distribute and reproduce the photos and videos for the following purposes: Portfolio showcase, advertising, marketing, branding, educational, digital promotions, internet videos, online courses, media, other commercial or non-commercial purposes.


I grant Gushcloud Talent Agency, Inc. to use my photos and videos taken during the event on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.


I do not permit Gushcloud Talent Agency, Inc. to use photos and videos that can harm my reputation or others.


I understand that the photos and videos taken on this event will be covered with this document only.


I hereby hold harmless, release, and forever discharge Gushcloud Talent Agency, Inc. from all claims, demands, and causes of action which I, my heirs, representatives, executors, administrators, or any other persons acting on my behalf or on behalf of my estate have or may have by reason of this authorization.


I, the undersigned, hereby agreed that I have read this agreement and bounded by it.


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