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NFT Purchase

  1. How do I access my NFT Purchase?
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  2. How do I buy NFT with your credit card on PaybbyNFT?
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  3. How do I claim my NFT once I purchased on PaybbyNFT?
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Digital Collectibles

  1. What are digital collectibles?

    TOKAU has developed technology which can be used by artists, teams, brands, and IP holders to create unique, one-of-a-kind digital collectibles for fans and consumers. Digital collectibles can take on any form: a piece of art, a unique pin, token card or image, an embedded video, audio or animation.

    A digital collectible is similar to a physical collectible, but in digital format. Like a physical collectible, a digital collectible is distinguished and unique. To ensure each digital collectible’s unique authenticity, TOKAU uses blockchain technology to demonstrate rights ownership and authenticity. This is similar to receiving a "certificate of authenticity" with unique physical merchandise like a signed baseball card.

  2. What makes digital collectibles different from physical collectibles?

    Physical and digital collectibles have many similar traits, such as strong fan affinity and pride of ownership (otherwise known as “bragging rights” as you show off your collections). However, digital collectibles have many advantages over physical collectibles. This helps to explain the transformation of the collectible space over time and the rapid growth of digital collectibles.

    The advantages that digital collectibles have over physical collectibles include:

    • Prevention of Counterfeits - A digital collectible’s authenticity is more reliable and easier to manage. It can be tied to a Non-fungible Token (NFT), which is the digital equivalent of a certificate of authenticity, and solves a lot of issues around fraud that can occur in the physical world.

    • Better Storage and Shipping - A digital collectible is easier to store and ship without wear and tear that can occur with physical collectibles.

    • Better Sharing - A digital collectible has vastly better sharing options if you want to show your collectible or collection to friends, family or the public. You can do so over text, email or a public showcase. You can also present your digital collectible online or in an offline frame that has storage and display capability.

    A fan or user can have the same thrill, affinity and enjoyment from owning a digital collectible as owning a physical one, plus all the conveniences of better authenticity, shipping, storage, and sharing.

  3. Tell me more. What are other benefits of my digital collectibles?

    In addition to owning your digital collectibles and displaying and sharing them as you want (enjoy the bragging rights!) there are lots of other benefits. Some brands, teams, and artists offer personalized benefits, such as VIP access to a concert or event, or access to unique content. Have fun and be creative and in some cases you may be able to add on-to, customize, or enhance your digital collectible. But you should note that any such changes will be layered enhancements, and will not change the underlying NFT.

  4. Are my collectibles unique?

    Every digital collectible from TOKAU or any of TOKAU partners or clients is unique, individually-numbered, and trackable on the public blockchain with records of authenticity. It might be unique with only one created, or it might be individually numbered and part of a limited series. TOKAU creates each collectible series on the public blockchain, including the total number available. Once created, the series cannot be edited or changed by any party, including TOKAU, its partners, or clients. The public blockchain also stores a permanent record of who created it, and every owner.

  5. How can I display my digital collectibles?

    You can choose how to display your digital collectibles for your own use and enjoyment and how you want to share them for others to view and enjoy. You can share just one collectible or your full collection. Users can optionally add narrative and other data to each digital collectible, explaining how they obtained the digital collectible and why it’s special to them.

  6. Can I trade or sell my digital collectible?

    Digital collectibles by their very nature are intended to be used, displayed and enjoyed. You own the digital collectible and if you want to give it away, gift it, or sell it for whatever reason you can. Exchanging digital collectibles is a great way to engage with others who have the same affinity for the talents and brands that you do.

  7. What is the value of my digital collectible?

    A digital collectible’s value is personal, based on your connection with the item you are collecting and how it fits with all your other collectibles both digital and physical. One person might love to have a digital collectible from a specific artist, talent, place, or team and have a real affinity, while someone else might not have the same affinity and see no reason to get it, just like with collectibles in the physical world!

    You should collect, purchase or trade for a digital collectible for your own personal use and enjoyment. You should not purchase a digital collectible with the expectation of making any profit from its resale as there is no guarantee that you will be able to find a buyer for it or that, even if you are able to find a buyer for it, you will be able to get the same or higher value than what which you paid for it. Neither TOKAU nor any of the talent or brands represented by the digital collectible are undertaking any obligation to support or encourage any price appreciation of any digital collectible.

    There are many factors that influence what someone will trade or purchase your digital collectible for, and these are outside of the control of TOKAU or any of TOKAU’s partners or clients represented on the digital collectible. Examples of factors that influence a buyer’s decision include a potential buyer’s own personal connection or affinity with your unique digital collectible, the general interest in the talent or brand associated with the digital collectible at any given time, the general interest in collectibles overall (both physical and digital), and many other factors.

NFTs/Blockchain Technology

  1. I’ve heard of NFTs. What are they and how are they similar to or different from Bitcoin?

    A Non-fungible Token (NFT) is a type of cryptographic token which represents something unique. Non-fungible tokens are not mutually interchangeable and can’t be divided into smaller parts. NFTs can therefore be used as unique digital collectibles. Each NFT has its own unique "immutable data," such as total inventory, artwork, audio files, and other information which can never be changed. In some cases, you may be able to add to, customize, or enhance your digital collectible, but any such changes will be additional enhancements and not change the underlying NFT or digital collectible.

    By contrast a Fungible Token like Bitcoin is very different, in that it is divisible into any number of smaller units and it does not matter which unit you own. Each unit is uniform and interchangeable with any other like amount of Bitcoin. This makes fungible tokens useful as a currency.

  2. How are digital assets like images or videos associated with an NFT?

    Yes. Among other things, both the marketplace at and the TOKAU mobile app serve as a blockchain wallet for a user to manage their digital collectibles. The TOKAU app and wallet are however specifically designed for digital collectibles. TOKAU is not a blockchain wallet that is available for general blockchain tokens like Bitcoin and should not be confused with companies like Coinbase or wallets like that hold all types of crypto blockchain tokens like Bitcoin. The center “Wallet” tab in the TOKAU app displays all of the collectibles you own. You can also access your wallet on the web marketplace. From either location, you can also view your collectibles from a public blockchain explorer website. Clicking on the “Authenticity” link below any owned collectible will display the public blockchain open ledger view of your collectible, so you can be sure you have the real thing! The TOKAU app can support NFTs from multiple NFT compatible blockchains.

  3. What blockchain does TOKAU use?
    TOKAU is on Binance Smart Chain.

  4. Is the TOKAU Web Marketplace and Mobile App a blockchain wallet?
    TOKAU is not a blockchain wallet. TOKAU allows you to use any third party wallet including Metamask and Trust Wallet to claim your NFT.

  5. How are digital assets like images or videos associated with an NFT?
    When you claim your NFT on with your wallet, you can view your NFT and fan card NFTs on your profiles.

  6. What rights do NFT owners have for the digital collectible?

    Each Digital Collectible definition has a link to terms and conditions, which determine exactly what rights you have to copy, transfer, display, or otherwise use the various media files that compose the digital collectible. Many NFT publishers don’t take this step and it is unclear what rights an NFT confers on a user if the publisher has not also committed terms and conditions to the blockchain.

  7. Does the holder of a Digital Collectible “own" the artwork or media files?

    No. It is more typical for the owner of the intellectual property rights to license the use of the artwork or media files for use of the NFT owner as part of the NFT. Along with rights information, we also include a copyright notice with our NFTs, and this information along with the terms and conditions is verifiable through the blockchain record. TOKAU or our Clients retain the copyright, but the NFT owner is granted certain rights per our Terms and Conditions.

Using the TOKAU Web Marketplace and App

  1. What do digital collectables look like?

    Some digital collectibles are cards and coins which you might see in the physical collectibles market, but digital collectibles can go so much further and provide even richer experiences. A digital collectible can take any form and is only limited by the creativity of its creator. Unique collectables (or Non-fungible Tokens) offered by TOKAU and our partners and clients can have embedded images, audio or video, 3d models and other animations. We partner with artists, consumer brands, sports teams, and others to make truly one-of-a-kind collectibles for your enjoyment.

  2. How do I complete a collectible set?

    To complete a collectible set you must collect all the cards and coins in the set. You can do that by purchasing the collectibles in the store or in online “drops”! To see which cards, coins or other collectibles are part of a set, you can visit the “Sets” tab (second from the left).

    There are benefits to completing digital collectible sets, just like with physical collectibles. You can show off your set to your friends as a super-fan and TOKAU along with some artists and brands offer some fun rewards to set owners.

  3. How do I access my digital collectibles collection?

    To access your digital collectibles collection, login your wallet to to claim your NFT and view it under your profile tab.

  4. Can I access my collectibles outside of the TOKAU web marketplace and TOKAU App? How do I transfer collectibles outside of the TOKAU App to my own blockchain wallet?

    Please follow instructions in the TOKAU App to submit your information to be eligible to transfer collectibles outside of the TOKAU App to your own blockchain wallet. Please note, TOKAU and / or TOKAU partners may restrict transfers of some collectibles.

  5. Can I hook up my MetaMask wallet to display other collectibles I own on TOKAU?

    Collectibles you have received and own on TOKAU can be transferred to your MetaMask wallet as long as the collectible was created on a blockchain supported by MetaMask such as Polygon / Matic and Ethereum Mainnet. TOKAU will soon be adding functionality which will allow you to connect your MetaMask wallet to TOKAU and display other tokens you own in a common virtual trophy case.

  6. How do I collect more digital collectibles?

    You can collect digital collectibles like cards, coins, or 3D objects in a many ways. Some ways include visiting a specific location, completing a collection, winning an auction, scanning a QR code associated with a promotion, or just purchasing the collectible outright. You can also trade for collectibles within the TOKAU app.!

  7. I ‘m trying to bid on an item in an auction but I’m unable to bid.

    In order to prevent fake bids, TOKAU requires users to have a verified email address and mobile number on file to place a bid. Please login to your account at and add a mobile number and email address to your profile. You will need to enter the 2-factor auth code sent to your mobile number or email address in order to update your profile.

  8. I just won an auction, how do I make payment and receive my collectible?

    Congrats for winning an auction! If you have won an auction, you will receive an email from TOKAU with instruction on how to pay for the collectible using either credit card, PayPal, or a cryptocurrency such as Ethereum or Bitcoin through Coinbase Commerce. Once payment is made, TOKAU will contact you to white-glove transfer the collectible to the compatible blockchain wallet address of your choice.

  9. What are the TOKAU rarity categories?

    Collectibles may be sorted into “tiers” which can reflect their level of rarity.


    • Tier 1: Higher availability unique digital collectibles

    • Tier 2: Slightly less common unique digital collectibles

    • Tier 3: Harder to acquire one-of-a-kind digital collectibles

    • Tier 4: Rare one-of-a-kind digital collectibles

    • Tier 5: Uber rare one-of-a-kind digital collectibles

  10. Are brands involved in the creative of their collections?

    Yes, of course. Brands decide what their digital collectible will be, and each digital collectible is unique and very much represents the brand, team or artist.

  11. I reserved a collectible from a brand online, but I don’t see it in my TOKAU account. Why is this happening?

    You can collect a special edition digital collectible like a coin or card directly from an artist by entering your email address or phone number online. If you don’t have a TOKAU account, you can register for an account using that same phone number or email and you will find your reserved collectible in your wallet. If you do have a TOKAU account attached to that phone number or email, all you have to do is login to see that collectible in your wallet!

    If you have a TOKAU account, but used a mobile number or email not associated with your account, you can edit your mobile number or email in your profile, and the collectible will be added to your wallet within 24 hours.

  12. Does my digital collectible give me any ownership rights in TOKAU or any other entity?

    No, owning a digital collectible does not give you any rights to equity or other ownership in TOKAU or any TOKAU-affiliated clients or partners.

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