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Busy Bee_Yellow NFT.png

"Arrived In Hip Hop"

Busy Bee was born David James Parker. In this piece, he recalls his journey into Hip Hop as a solo MC as he grew up listening to Grandmaster Flash, Mellie Mel and the pioneers back in 1977, when he was barely 15.

Russell S_Gold NFT.png

"The First Time I Fell In Love

With Hip Hop"

Russell Simmons remembers the first time he fell in love with Hip Hop. He was in a club in Harlem, New York and he saw the crowd go crazy with the world famous, Eddie Cheeba. "Like Hot Butter On What?" And the crowd says "Popcorn". This exclusive NFT also includes a live sound recording of Eddie Cheeba from the early days of hip hop.

Grandmaster Caz_Yellow NFT.png

"Captain in Harlem"

Grandmaster Caz, who candidly refers to himself as Captain, gives credit to a photographer named Joe Conzo. He mentioned how Joe Conzo was part of documenting the beginnings of hip hop through his camera. He also talks fondly about where this photo was taken in Harlem World between the years of 1981 - 1982. He also candidly refers to himself as Captain.

MC Sha Rock_Black NFT.png

"The NFT that Represents Hip Hop
to the Fullest"

Sharon Green, considered the “first female rapper, or emcee is known by the rap moniker MC Sha-Rock. In this NFT she shares an exclusive rap and live vocal recording with her audiences which captures the mood, spirit and hope of that period in time.

Nikki D_Yellow NFT.png

"6 Degrees of Separation"

Nikki D, born Nichelle Strong, is an American rapper. In this NFT, she recalls her first time performing with Ice T, the biggest rapper of that time; how she was booked by Lyor Cohen for that show (who was then the club manager who went on to become the Head of Def Jam Records and now serves as YouTube's Global Head of Music). She recounts how that show allowed her to meet Russell Simmons who then signed her as the first female rapper at Def Jam Records.

Doug E Fresh_Platinum NFT.png

"How I Became The Human Beatbox"

Douglas Davis, better known as Doug E. Fresh, is a Barbadian-born American rapper, record producer and beatboxer, also known as the "Human Beat Box". Doug E Fresh recalls being forced to play the trumpet as a child despite being interested in playing the drums for his school band. When the band shut down, Doug E Fresh remembered practicing and mimicking instrumental sounds with his mouth and his voice in 1981 as a 13 year old teen; and introduced it as the Human Beatbox in 1982.

DJ Hollywood_Gold NFT.png

"The Apollo Theatre"

According to Kurtis Blow and Pete DJ Jones, DJ Hollywood (born Anthony Holloway) was the first rapper in the hip-hop style, making him the "Father" of the Hip Hop style. In this NFT, DJ Hollywood talks about his first experience playing at the famous Apollo Theatre with turntables; and how he introduced Hip Hop in between acts.

Grandmaster Caz_Black NFT.png

"My Title Is Grandmaster Caz"

Curtis Brown, better known by the stage name Grandmaster Caz or Casanova Fly, is an American rapper, songwriter, and DJ. In this NFT, Grandmaster Caz raps about his past, his influences and how he became a world famous MC.

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